How many days until christmas
Enjoy your holidays


Holidays proximity excites us, to install a certain atmosphere of peace, tranquility and all we want is to be with loved ones. 123movies net 123movies to

It was always said that there is a magic, magic of Christmas. It may be true, Christmas turns us all. Perhaps we asked several times why we're better than Christmas? We're better Christmas because we spend time with loved ones, family, friends since childhood. It's hard not to think about the smell of cake, the wine with cinnamon, to decorate the Christmas tree, carol receipt. Easter Sunday

 Since Ignat, drums resounded loud and repeated carols children. Caroling, a tradition enshrined in the ancestors, is composed of texts ceremonial dances and gestures. In Christmas Eve, bands of carolers, traditional costumes go to the homes of householders and sing-n magically story of the birth of the Savior. Meanwhile, hosts wished health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

 Romanian village, keep the best traditions of this holiday reference Romanians. Starting December 20, Ignat, they cut a pig in homes all feels close to Christmas. Starts to smell like smoked, the rolls and cakes, dishes they will find an honored place at the table for Christmas.


Carolers are expected glistening cleaning homes and neatly trimmed and householders are rewarded with bagels, cakes, fruits, nuts, coils or even money. Adults are invited to a boiled plum brandy, wine, hot and aromatic.


Christmas morning are children who wake up early to see the gifts brought by Santa Claus, then their voices wake the whole house. Kids love this holiday especially if it is crowned with snow and absolutely nothing can ruin smiles crystalline and sincere face when there are building and how many a snowman that you restore daily in the courtyard or in the block as it keep until the end of winter.


Every year we relive the emotions of birth, time of proclamation of the angels, and open our hearts and minds that we hear once again to the magical story of the birth of Jesus Christ.