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Christian Christmas

I would not be surprised if someone would recognize that the main reason for buying the weekly newspaper The Mirror today in Campina is just to read our Christian Christmas. To find out which are the visions, humor, opinions, and especially the arguments that usually accompany every article. What is important because being a teacher and being used to explain the position of the man who has dedicated his professional life department, Christian Christmas has arguments in blood and find arguments actually means to find rational explanations for many of the events media (I used this term to cover a wider range than those strictly political) in Romania related field rather irrational.


Volume circumstantial [1] includes about 240 editorial and opens with an article published in November 2004 "axis of evil" (about PSD "party that gathered all they could gather from the reserve inexhaustible PCR and Security") and ends another article, published in November 2011, little optimistic, almost the same note, named "Dancing ruins" about the same PSD which hopes observer can will reform once just "talked about it n times the throughout its history. " For better or worse, we even great for post-revolutionary politics constant can be said that PSD is the alpha and omega of Romanian politics, Mazar end phasing af!


Lucidity hurts, especially when it lasts so long and with such honesty is exercised. From this point of view it should be noted that just such a man whose existence is not subject to a patron financial newspaper or television or trust can maintain its compass needle whose freedom always look to the north. On such a man you can not tighten the door, you can not threaten termination contract may work or because who knows what fines did not want to praise the x or y to criticize. Too many journalists and television people have completely abdicated from duty and respectability for a handful of dollars. Or euro. And maybe not a punch but much more ... At this point should also be noted that Mr. Christian Christmas was free to write almost anything he wanted even in a newspaper that often housed political opinions contrary to those laid down by Professor of Floreşti. A large white ball that you can hardly assign much more publications backdrop, appearing in capital cities or the capital. We still lacks the culture of dialogue between apparently irreconcilable points of view. He looked too easy that dialogue is, along with pluralism, one of the essences of democracy in countries like the idea that there is a relative and not absolute truth. Dialogue without pluralism and pluralism without dialogue hardly exists.


I read many of the articles collected in this formula at the time they were published. What interested me in rereading diagonal pieces written by Mr. Christmas was not superficial fleeting, but elements of mentality tough reflexes Romanian people after regaining freedom in 1989. It reveals a picture of our little flattering, after long experiment communist It has radically changed the perception and mindset of the Romanian people. From this perspective, his writings are anti-nationalist Christian Christmas even though he still fights for true patriotism. But patriot can be critical of their own people? Or maybe the only patriot can call it that is precisely the one who has the power to put your finger on the wound being that wants to love? André Gide wrote in his famous book Retour de l'URSS that "I believe that the best way to show your love is to settle just to brag."



Christian Christmas

I do not think the figures most often pathetic that dominate the Romanian public environment, made ​​this salad incomprehensible for politicians, moguls, analysts televised football and deserves evoked in full. Remembering their causes nausea even though too few of those active in 2004 decided this not too long interval to take a break. This fauna knows no concept of retirement in dignity, only death can take them out from the channel ... By Adrian Cioroianu who seemed to be retired after the episode with the mandate MFA has returned to a position of great moderator at one of the news channels for for such human Vlach live on television without equivalent to a non-existence. About Patan's Cioroianu, Christian Christmas reading "Mr. Cioroianu but was "one of ours" dilemmatic, intellectually thin irony, democrat, young sequelae seemingly untouched by the past regime, elegant style and polemics. It was seen that under the package "European" stood a great void in vain tried out to be masked by an abundant wordiness. A hat too much proved this to Mr. history teacher. I can say that the relation between the head and the hat is the fundamental problem of current Romania. We do not have a sufficient number of heads for too many hats that Europe and the world have given us. Drama d.lui Cioroianu is in fact the drama of an entire generation. They have placed huge hopes as the first generation of freedom, able to understand and what was before, because it caught something of vintage and new world in which we enter. But it turned out that we rushed. "


Other examples of careful analysis (there are dozens if not hundreds) "There is a real competition to determine" how many Romanians there. "All agree that there is only one, as it should be, united around a thought coagulant, but They are two to not know how many. In whichever country theorizes One is bloody and bestial howling at Steaua-Dinamo match. It contains country but not mine. A brutal country, living in a cult of money, imbecility, elemental force. The other country through which I walked was one of the books from the Book Fair Gaudeamus. Torrent of people there, flood of young people, from those who were coloring books to students. Crowded stands, sales despite price impressive "At the end of the article, the writer wonders prophetic" as it will take time for the country Gaudeamus will be stifled by country armed with chains and smoke from the stadium. "


About constants mediatocratice Wallachian society, Christian Christmas in December 2007 reaffirms the truth relentlessly "One of the most annoying things in our media policy is the claim of" commentators "to speak" on behalf of the people. " They have a sufficiency to explain things that man-elector, although exercised their right to vote, they would not understand. A frenzy, excess interpretation has caused massive percentage of absentees. Everyone analysts seems to know who would have voted social dumb. "(" Who speaks for the meu- December 2007) The author is careful and civilization semi small items or rather, anti-urban "BBQ is, I think, revenge for decades of "steak" was the culinary pinnacle of luxury. You will need to pass much until Romanians to adopt mass and other culinary fineţuri chunk of roasted meat seem to be indigestible. As house ... it comes from a universe of values ​​and more distant for Romanian man means to have pets mean to be among world. Staying rent or you move here and there (such as a better paid job) as easily as do other nations means still in mind our collective being an un-finished. "(Holiday Romanian) or" The so many things missing and we are not aware that we are missing, and institutions are ways to encourage the affirmation of any talent, regardless of the field. Be they state or private initiatives. Coagulation communities lack clubs (not the fancy, discos, but those in which housewife or lathe come after hours to sing in a choir or to weave Gobelins's), of Talent Scouts, a amateurishness good quality, present worldwide where a structured society is one of our fundamental weaknesses. "


Hard to tell what will remain after dissected characters and how they will be judged in the future. Will they be remembered as parents of nations, large contractors, builders of a more or less sustainable? (Paradoxically, one of the EU policies that C. Christmas not too swallows its institutional structure just focus on sustainability investments, projects etc) very unlikely for them to live and ephemeral. Carpe Diem. Hence the title of this collection of articles could very sensible to be ephemeris. Reading between the lines, we realized that Mr Christmas has powers transcendental or, at least, transcend the miseries of this to indicate maximum accuracy miseries future Vlach. How could it be otherwise interpreted the sentence "La Victor Ponta we have no claims" written in February 2006 in the article "In the aquarium?" Or, in exactly the same article, the question irrelevant and downright emblematic Romania last decade, when this character abject populate our imagination. "What's for instance, Gigi Becali campaign? They have got 25 years in which we led an illiterate? ". Given retreading and the latest scandal involving this character and generosity suicidal PNL question of 2004 can be placed easily in the same context in October 2012 and, why not, will again be placed in June 2020. How else than a stroke of genius? Does Mr. Christmas did not live feeling constantly write one and the same article?


Determined work, Christian Christmas resembling a collector avid butterfly, tireless running the place, stretching, grab a copy weird, usually garish colors (if you could certainly butterfly would scream like hell, swearing mother!) to dig mercilessly, needle and capture, adding it to his collection prodigious. This volume of hopelessness is (also) entomological Christian Christmas. Maybe to us.